Seasonal Oreo Cookies, Including Peppermint Bark, Are Coming

Published 08-12-2019

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It's still summer, right? Just early August? But put down the sunscreen and shades for a sec, and think about the fall and winter holidays that are just about to bear down on us. At least, that's what Oreo is doing. The beloved chocolate sandwich cookies are pre-gaming the snowier season with new Halloween and winter designs, plus the return of Peppermint Bark Oreos.

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As time moves, so does the release of Oreos. The first new cookies to drop in 2019 are the Oreo Halloween cookies, with five spooky-but-fun designs and orange-colored creme filling. They'll be available nationwide starting in mid-August for a limited time. The designs include spiderwebs, laughing jack-o'-lanterns and friendly ghosts. Definitely a treat, not a trick.

And if you're rushing the scary season, Instagram account Family Food Dude has already spotted these cookies at Dollar General.

Just as those sweet Halloween memories fade into a sugar coma, Oreo winter cookies will roll out. They'll be available nationwide starting in late October for a limited time, and will feature five chilly winter designs and red-colored creme filling. Mittens, snowflakes, penguins and cheery snowmen will be among the delicious decorations on the winter cookies.

Fans of last year's Peppermint Bark Oreos will have a cool surprise coming their way. According to the Candy Hunting Instagram account, these tasty treats will be returning. The package shared by the blog shows a tie-in to the upcoming animated Netflix Christmas movie "Klaus," but Oreo didn't have official details to share.

The colorful cookies aren't Oreo's only new product lately. Maple Creme Oreos are on their way, and will bring the sweet taste of pancakes to the cookie aisle. And don't let Oreo's early seasonal prep fool you. It is still summer, so there's plenty of time to get ready and stock up on the best Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters.

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