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Elwood Park's housing options include Mills bungalows designed in the 1920s by real estate developer John Mills and elevated ranches. The record-breaking project includes 146 commercial properties around the village district as well as a mix of detached and terraced houses.

The transformation of the area from a rural farming suburb began with a real estate boom as land prices soared and the population grew. In its first year of operation, Westwood began selling homes for about $8,900 each and building more than 1,000 new homes in the county.

In the forest area, which forms the west side of the village, there are also extensive hiking trails and paths. A five-acre park, still across the street from Village Hall, is located at the corner of Westwood Avenue and East Main Street, north of Elwood Park Drive.

Elmwood Park is a residential development located on the west side of the village, north of Oak Park Drive and west of Westwood Avenue. Elmwood Park is home to the Oak Park Country Club and hosts a number of local businesses, including Elwood Forest Preserve and Woodland Park Golf Club.

In 1926, real estate developer John Mills bought the property on the west side of Oak Park Drive west of Westwood Avenue. Based on construction projects he had seen in California, laid out in a spoke and wheel pattern, the development of Westwood was born. Named after the many funeral processions common at the time, it was officially incorporated as Elmwood Park on July 1, 1926.

More About Elmwood Park

More About Elmwood Park